James Kimball – Production Supervisor

James Kimball holds a Bachelors degree in commerce from St. Mary’s University, and a Bachelors degree in education from Brock University. After a period of time teaching in the wilds of the Canadian north, James returned to Halifax, N.S., to work in the film and television industry. He began his career as a production assistant on the Redstar documentary The New Light Experience of Henry Alline in 1999, and quickly moved to production management on projects as diverse as the television series Chef at Large and documentaries such as Stanton T. Friedman is Real and Do You Believe in Majic. He then served as a co-producer on the television series The Classical Now, and the documentaries Best Evidence: Top 10 UFO Cases and Fields of Fear. Most recently, he was the line producer on the Canadian series Ghost Cases, where he also made his first on-screen appearance as the demon of the St. Andrew’s courthouse in a re-creation sequence!